Saturday, August 1, 2009

What happened?

Well, I haven't updated in a bit because... umm... we got a call, about 12 hours before we were supposed to have a home inspection that the bank didn't actually own the house they were selling to us. Apparently they were trying to buy it from another bank and this other bank didn't end up selling it to them - so everything we signed was invalid. I'm not sure how that was even legal for the bank supposedly selling us the house, I'm trying to figure that out, before I update. So yeah, we're back looking for another place.

We were supposed to move in on Monday - so our entire house is packed up. Lordy. I am positive we'll find something else that we like better - with a bigger lot, a laundry room and a fourth bedroom (all things this house didn't have which we wanted.)

More to come,

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