Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Quick running total of wedding costs.

Wanted to do a quick run down of costs so far for the wedding and wedding related stuff. I'm not listing the items we already had or received for free.

  • Ring - $1,000 even.
  • My engagement photo outfits - $52.66 at Forever 21 (Includes Tax -4.46, Turquoise dress - $22.80, Green dress -$14.80, Gold necklace - $6.80, Earrings - $3.80)
Subtotal as of today: $1,052.66

Wedding Decor:

  • Porcelain birds - $11.47 at Michaels. (Includes 3 2.5" green birds at $1.49/each, 2 3.5" birds at 2.99/each, Sales tax - $1.02)
Subtotal as of today: $11.47

Paper Goods:
  • Loteria cards - $3.92
  • Colored cardstock - $4.36
Subtotal as of today: $8.28


Michael's Trip #2 - Total w/ tax: $15.56
  • Embossing Hole Punch - $11.19
  • Glitter Stickers - $2.99
Subtotal as of today: $15.56

Wedding Clothing:
  • Mantilla Veil - $57.61 (Includes 49X49 veil, shipping, tax) from Ebay.
Total as of today: $57.61

Total as of today: $1,145.58

More to come,


  1. wedding in Malaysia cost so much, for wedding photography $4,000. The wedding gowns are rental.

    Dinner at restaurant $15,000 for wedding dinner. Have not count other ceremony like tea ceremony.

    by the way this is chinese wedding ceremony.

  2. Wow, that's a lot. We still have a lot to buy (food, dress & minister) but other than that, we have everything else already in our house or we got it for free from Craigslist or Freecycle.

  3. Hi Bella, I have a question what is the purpose of engagement photos are the for you STDs? Im from London and people dont really take engagement photos over there

  4. Engagement photos are usually for engagement announcements in the newspaper. Some people buy magnet save-the-dates and use their photos for those. Many people just take them to have nice photos together where they aren't in wedding attire.

    Most engagement photographers do weddings (our don't) so it's an (expensive) way to figure out if you like your photographer's shooting style and personality. Many photographers give a steep discount on engagement photos if you book them to shoot your wedding photos.

    Honestly, if we hadn't received our photos for free (they were looking to build their portfolio) we wouldn't have had them done because they usually run close to a thousand dollars if you get a bound album (our were all digital)

  5. Wow! You never know how much things really add up until you write it all down!