Sunday, June 21, 2009

Let us begin!

Well, it looks like I need to get this show on the road. I started this thing more than 10 days ago and not one post! Eeek! Maybe I should start off with telling you a little about myself.

Well, I go by Bella (I actually respond to both my birth name and my nickname) and I'm 21, going on 22 at the end of September. I live with my fiance Dre and our two chihuahuas, Maximus and Tiberius, and our two black cats, Furball and Sophronia. Guess which three Dre got after we got engaged? (Hint: the ones with non-animal names.) Actually, with the exception of 4 year old Furball, all of our animals are less than a year old. It's a lot of mouths to feed and there's a lot of animals that need house training! (That's Sophronia, Maximus and Tiberius in the tub.)

Dre and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and we're in the middle of trying to purchase a house a little farther north of us, still in the bay, but in a big farming community. We have a nice big chunk of down payment and an approved loan - we just can't find a house! We've put in offers on three houses so far and have been the second highest bidder on them all! It's awful! Currently we live in a two bedroom apartment and it's getting very cramped.

Our main reason for wanting a house is so that we can have a nice big backyard. Maybe I'm asking for the moon, but I want to grow the majority of our food. I'm very into eating fresh food and staying away from processed muck. I gained a bunch of weight when I went off to college in the midwest and it's been beastly trying to get back down to my high school body. My diet follows the Primal Blueprint ( with a lot of raw, vegan (tons of fresh fruits and veggies) thrown in. It's fabulous - but expensive! Gardening is by far the cheapest way to grow your own organic food - the next is going directly to the farm or farmer's market.

Because I'm detoxing (there is no "end" to this way of eating) I'm cleaning up everything in our lives - household cleaners, body cleaners, pet food, transportation, food, water, everything. Beside the benefit to our bodies, our wallet isn't so darn skinny anymore!

Basically, that's why I wanted to start this blog - to share how to live the good life (a healthy life!) cheap. Hope you enjoy today's short little post (the one I'm about to post - the teeth one!)


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  1. Sounds amazing. You should pick up an Alice waters biography if you haven't already. She a Bay lady herself and also dedicated to the organic food movement.